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Geoff Garbacz James DiGeorgia

Weekly Update

#280: Wed 4/17/2019 9:25 AM EDT
Gold Struggling While Crude Oil Is Strong

The charts of Gold and Crude Oil are moving in opposite directions. So how are we playing this trend?


Latest Alerts

#740: Tue 5/14/2019 3:09 PM EDT
New Trade In USO

We are going to play USO and will buy the June ... ~more~

#739: Tue 4/16/2019 10:36 AM EDT
Lock In Gains On GLD Puts

15 days ago we recommended the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD) May $122 Put that was trading at $1.59. GLD was at $121.654 and is now at $120.33. The put is worth $2.14 for a gain of $0.55 or 34.59%. ~more~

Daily Comments

#773: Mon 6/10/2019 8:42 PM EDT
The Week Ahead For June 10th to 14th

Geopolitical and Fiscal Events. Besides trade tape bombs there is nothing scheduled now of note. That may change during the week however. ~more~