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442.9% average gains a year! ...for 11 years running!* 4872% in profitable recommendations!*

Market-beating above-average returns. Our closed options recommendations are up a whopping 4,872% since we started this service. Imagine a 79% success rate.* We offer a highly qualified team with over 50 years combined options trading experience, and we’re expecting 30 to 50 trades per year.

  • You get access to James DiGeorgia - a 34-year veteran of the gold and energy markets - who called the tech wreck... $1,000 gold... $100 oil... the credit crisis of 2008. His 5 laws of gold trading helped him make his first million by the age of a $20 million-a-year investment company in just 5 years... and post 584% average gains a year for 8 years running in a little-known sector of the gold market!
  • You get access to Geoff Garbacz - the options genius and "secret weapon" behind some of the world's top hedge funds. Geoff has a low-risk quantitative method with an uncanny knack of picking options winners time and time again . . . year after year. In fact, he's been paid up to $30,000 for his trading recommendations by a few of the world’s top funds. Over the first eleven years, had you started with just $10,000, following his trade recommendations and trading strategy  you would have a 79% win rate and $11 million in the bank.
  • You get to be part of a service that has built a great long-term batting average since 2007 and not seen its losers cut into the gains of its winners. That's because of James' and Geoff's proprietary research tools which help ensure they're investing in trades with a high probability of success.
  • You get limited downside risk. James and Geoff use options which give you the potential to make money on both the upside and the downside of the market. Plus, options let you control a large block of stock with a minimal investment. And unlike futures, you can never lose more than your initial investment plus brokers' commissions
  • Most trades are not held for a long duration that ties up capital. Rather, we employ a process of "capturing the move and moving on."
  • You get specific investment recommendations — meaning you'll never be left high and dry to figure things out on your own. Each month James and Geoff will be looking for 3-4 high probability trades that could hand you up to 40-80% in the next few weeks. These options plays move fast, so to ensure the biggest potential profits, every time we make a move, you'll get an instantaneous "BUY" or "SELL" alert sent to your email inbox and also to your cell phone, iPad, or other mobile device.
  • You'll get weekly position monitoring. You'll never have to sit in front of the computer screen monitoring the action in the options market. Instead, we'll do all the work and give you a quick update if we need to make changes to any of our positions. Like when to take a profit off the table, or cut a loss short.
  • You get immediate, 24/7 access to Gold and Energy Options Trader Members-Only Website: The "Welcome Aboard" email you'll receive in a few minutes will also contain the link and the password that will give you access to our current issues, flash alerts, our Position Tracker, and more!
  • You get monthly webinars to review trades and current themes. We will also be doing teaching webinars on how to trade options for those new to options.
  • You get our 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Use Gold and Energy Options Trader to go for all the profits you like for the next 60 days. You must be thrilled with your profits or cancel for a full refund. Plus, if you change your mind later on, you can cancel at any time for a refund on the remaining portion of your membership. You take absolutely no risk by test-driving Gold and Energy Options Trader today, but you stand to reap rich rewards.
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We’ll send you by email a pdf copy of this bonus offer “Spread Trade Secrets: The Little Known Key to Successful Options Trading” - a $79 value. And, we’ll send you by email a pdf copy of what many options experts consider the definitive options education book I co-authored: “An Investor's Guide to Understanding and Mastering Options Trading” - a $79 value. We will also send you by pdf our comprehensive options primer - The Gold and Energy Options Trader Trading Manual and Quick Start Guide - a $149 value! Even if you're a veteran trader this is an important guide to fill you in on how we trade. In addition, we will send you the 2004 President Ronald Reagan Commemorative U.S. Half Dollar (a $59.95 value).
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* All Track Record Claims Based on Hypothetical Buy and Sell Trades

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Past performance is no guarantee of future success. This offer is strictly limited to U.S. residents ONLY.

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