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Dear Investor,

It’s not even a fair fight.

A select band of Main Street traders are now outdueling Wall Street’s fastest gunslinger high-frequency traders.

I know this to be a fact, because both the billionaire gunslingers and the Main Street traders are my clients.

Each has different needs. But, almost all of my Main Street traders are:

That’s why I am going to make you what will, on the surface, seem like a crazy offer – in just a minute.

But, here’s one more factor that’s is important for you to know about my sensational winning streak.

Not losing money mean getting your money off the table while it’s in the green… in other words…

If You’re Looking For Someone Who’s Bragging About His Triple Baggers, You’ve Come To The Wrong Place

Here is the shocking fact – one I am proud of – behind the winning streak that delivered a 4,884% return over that past eleven years…

Less than 5 percent of my winners were greater than 100%.

Instead, with safety as my number concern, I racked up a constant string of winners such as:

4,884.63% Cumulative Return


A Small Office In Madison, WI, Hides A Huge Secret

But, despite this world-beating record, I can almost guarantee that you’ve never heard of me, but more about that in a few more pages.

That’s because until now my primary business focused upon serving top multi-billion dollar mutual funds, hedge funds, investment advisors and pension funds.

You would have built a business on them, too. Because they pay my firm and the research firms I represent big dollars for breakthrough software technology that helps them pick stocks better than they could without our help.

And, you can be sure they don’t pay that steep fee, often more, for losing trades. They demand winners!

First Time Offered To A Wide Public Audience

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Despite my overall 4884.63% stellar track record the past 11 years, there’s another reason that I’m not yet well known off of Wall Street.

You see, despite 11 long years to refining my options-trading process so it could serve Main Street traders we never found the right marketing partner until now.

When I send you an option trade alert my number one focus is that you not lose money . . .

Because not losing your money is so important to me, I may limit trades to 1 or 2 in a month when the models are undecided rather than trading just to trade…

That’s because there is a fundamental difference between the way you trade and the way Wall Street trades with its super computers and awesome trading power.

Frankly, I make a good living with my fund clients, so there was simply no rush to go public with an imperfect system and merely join today’s band of careless options gurus.

That’s because your risk aversion is very different from the hedge fund and mutual funds I advise.

Because they have billions of dollars, they can afford to gamble.

You can’t.

Moreover, you shouldn’t have to risk a lot to make a lot.

Make An Average 30% Per Trade
In The Next Two Months

That’s why I am so happy to announce that after nearly a decade of constant testing, today, finally, my software is fully refined and ready for cautious options traders who like to make money.

I’m pumped and primed to show Main Street traders how to make end runs around greedy options market makers . . .  who’ll never suspect what’s going on until it’s too late and they must pay you thousands.

That’s because with my new options trading service you’ll be led by breakthrough software that was first developed to serve the world’s wealthiest investors.

Now it’s modified just for you.

Because of that, I am certain that I could lead you to an average 30% gain per trade in the next month alone… you’ll never risk more than 25% of your trading funds… and, as you’ll see in a moment, I am willing to put a guarantee on that.

See How Safe Profits Can Quickly Add Up

It will happen in a manner like this.

I am assuming you have at least $5,000 in your options trading kitty.

Over two months you will risk no more than $1,000 on each trade.

Taking your money when you’re in the money could lead to results like these 48%, 73%, 38%, 59%, 88%.

That in turn makes profits like these, $480, $730, $380, $590, and $880. That comes to $3,060 in pure potential profit.

And, you’ll never have a lot at risk.

You’ll never risk more than 20% of your options trading money.

Yet, you could make the best money of your investing life by stringing together low-risk trades that quickly return moderate gains.

The Market Is Super Ripe

Here’s an example of how powerful my alert system has become.

As I was writing this, I issued this “close trade” alert. You can see how clearly stated the alerts we release can be.

Lock In Gains On SPY Puts

On July 24th, we recommended selling the S&P 500 via SPY the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) using the August $246.50 Put that was trading at $1.66. SPY was at $246.66 and is now trading at $244.78. The put is now at $2.54. The gain is $0.88 or 53.01%.

Trade Instructions

Sell to close at the market the SPY August $246.50 Put. If you bought $2,000 in value, then sell 12 puts for $3048 against a cost of $1992 for a gain of $1056 or 53.01%.

In the 14 trading days following our alert to open, the SPY August Put racked up a solid 53% gain!

[Newsmax Promo Chart Page 6 Aug  246.50 Put]

Traders who took action on this alert made a $530 profit on every $1,000 they put into it.

Thing is . . . my software is now doing this over and over again!

It’s fully refined and on a roll.

Safe, Lightning Quick Gains

The powerful proprietary software that drives my new options trading service is now delivering lightning-quick gains such as:

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This Is Why I’m Going Public Now

It took a while to get here – refining the process was slow going.

During the first six years, my small groups of users were making around 25 trades a year.

For the past three years, however, they’ve been on a great streak.

My test group of Main Street traders now makes between 3-4 trades a month at a steady pace.

Their results break down this way.

2015…72% in Winning Trade Alerts

2016…78% in Winning Trade Alerts

2017… yielded an astonishing 87.50% in Winning Trade Alerts!

2018… So far this year there have been no losers with our trading focused on GLD and USO options with one trade in GDX

And, perhaps the most important aspect of these trades is that each adhered to my unwavering trading philosophy, which is this:


So, as you’re about to see, I am firmly convinced that the biggest secret, and the overwhelming options-trading strategy for Main Street investors, should be about not losing and when you lose limiting the loss.

Lots of losses mean traders are taking on too much risk.

And, I think you’ll agree, that after nine years, my nearly 80% batting average and 444% average annual return is testimony to the power of that single thought . . .

In a world where winning is said to be everything . . .

When it comes to your options trading, only one winning idea should prevail … don’t lose money!

That’s why I am convinced that if you start trading options with me now, today, I could turn almost every $1,000 you trade into $2,000 or more year after year.

An Insider Rebels… Take His Secret Public

By the way, my name is Geoff Garbacz.

I am trying to put my best foot forward here today because I want to introduce you to Gold and Energy Options Trader service.

As I mentioned, it’s taken me 11 years to get you but the wait will be worth it for you as the process just gets better and better. Each losing trade a refinement to the process that is why we have no losing trades in 2018 so far.

I hope my exuberance over the results I am getting for my small band of Main Street users doesn’t seem too much as if I am bragging.

Because, I get it. If you’re like me, you’re very cautious when it comes to people who seem to be exaggerating.

That’s because braggarts can be careless with the truth.

And, at the Gold and Energy Options Trader we reject all forms of carelessness.

So, I’m going to stick to the facts.

With Options, 8 Winner Out Of Every 10 Trades Is The Path To Safety And Success

The facts include that during the years I was perfecting my software for cautious options traders like you . . . a small group of traders helped me out by beta testing my evolving software with their own money.

Eventually, the software came to hit on about 8 winners out of 10 options trades . . . generally, 35% a month in total gains.

My users found that it was a nice safe way to put $2,000 or $3,000 extra in your pocket each month if you were only deploying $5000 to $10000 a month.

It’s a great way that could find you looking up five years from now and seeing $200,000+ in your trading account.

So, let me back up a bit and show you how this all came about . . .

The Buttoned-Down Options Legend

For the whole story of the Gold and Energy Options Trader we need to flash back to 2007.

That’s when I sat down to lunch with James DiGeorgia.

He is publisher and editor of The Gold and Energy Advisor and author of a book called “Understanding and Mastering Options Trading.”

James had invited me to lunch because he’d heard through the mutual-fund grapevine that I was racking up huge wins for my institutional clients.

As we were discussing James’ hugely profitable work with Main Street investors, I made an offhand comment about something I found frustrating . . . I told James that . . .

“I literally throw winning trades into the trash because they are too small for my big clients. These would be perfect plays for individual traders with a few thousand on the table.”

He shot back, “Those are exactly the traders I want to reach!”

That exchange triggered a spectacular chain of events that led to me being here with you today.

And, James was kind enough to join me.

Actually, James is my publisher, and we have been friends since 2000.

But, as I said, he has tons of experience with a trading service for Main Street investors, so you’ll be hearing from him, too as a vital part of the team.

Because, honestly, there would be no Gold and Energy Options Trader, were it not for James.

The Right Kind Of Useful Information
Means Success For Main Street Traders

You see, I was already working on what looked to be the most accurate predictive model for options trading ever devised.

But, James saw the big problem.

My software wasn’t a practical platform for most individual investors – Main Street traders whom he had advised for years.

That’s because the software feeds data directly into my huge clients’ super computers.

The majority of Main Street traders are not set up for high speed trading.

So, James suggested that I create a fork in the road.

It’s one that would allow me to share with you the trades that were too small for the millions and billions of dollars my big clients need to invest.

The reason for that is as soon as the market makers saw millions and millions pour into the ripe but smallish plays they’d simply jack up the price. They have powerful computers too.

Same Breakthrough Software
Tweaked For Your Benefit

Gold and Energy Options Trader uses the very same sentiment prediction model that feeds winning data to my mutual fund and hedge fund clients.

But, instead of being a bunch of computer code fed to super computers, the raw data now come to me in English.

It also now gives me data that humans can use – symbols, charts, and long range going-up or going-down forecasts.

As I said, because we shot for an ideal program, perfecting the software took a number of years.

That’s because we demanded the prediction model do this . . .

The ideal plan for an individual investor is that trading options only takes a few minutes a week to book and cash in trades.

You put some money in play.

Close the trade.

Move to the next.

Because of that, the software also had to meet five key goals.

The Breakthrough Software Focuses On Your Five Key Options Trading Goals

And, please, think about the significance of each and how if met, they could lead to a bonanza of options trading wins for Main Street traders like you.

We set these goals and went to work.

Nothing To It, Right?

Frankly, James and I thought that we’d have this nailed inside a year… but refining the Main Street, a program that was made for Wall Street, took a lot longer than we anticipated.

Then came the testing. The proving. Then, frankly, a struggle with the subtle refinements to meet the minimum 15% threshold.

The other big stumbling block was the flow of real-time data. And, we needed it to gush and talk to us in English (instead of computer code).

By 2012 the data flows had improved to the point that we were flowing massive volumes into our computer. It began to kick out results that proved we could meet our goals.

We continued to refine the model using historical data that verified our algorithms and analysis.

However, we missed on one goal. Our modeling kicked out hundreds of trades, far more than we needed or wanted.

It was at that point we decided to narrow our focus to what James and I know best.

Fish Where The Fish Are…
And With The Right Bait!

We collapsed our data flow to a narrow range, targeting gold via the GLD, the S&P 500 ETF (SPY),  United States Oil Fund (USO), 20 Year Treasury (TLT), the VIX, and energy via XLE.

That’s when the numbers took off!  

Merging our expertise and our modeling merged blew the lid off!

We wasted no more time. I moved to take it live. We added 12 more traders to the small audience.

I proved it with the huge money my institutional clients invest.

But they can afford to lose money.

I wanted a long-term look at Main Street investor success before I decided to go public.

After three years of work, these guys were killing it!

Our alerts were hitting profitable trades over and over again, with spectacular results.

We blew past 80% winners with a stunning 24% average gain per trade! On top of that, nobody sat on their trades. Our average exposure in an open trade was only nine days!

Keep in mind, our users covered the gamut from option-trading newbies to experienced pros. We wanted to make sure that what we delivered worked for all, regardless of experience!

In fact, if you are a new user to options we will be holding online classes in how to trade options. The process is very similar to stocks so no need to worry.

The Numbers Remain HOT!

Here’s an example of how refined the alert this software has become.

Last August, we issued two “close trade” alerts. You can see how clearly stated the alerts we release can be.

The first one posted a 72.25% gain, the second an 87.86% gain.

Now remember how I said things took off when we narrowed our focus?

Both winners were on SPY Puts accurately predicted the S&P 500 would slide down.

We’re we up and trading with new subscribers they would have pocketed these gains in less than a week!!

Trade #1: Opened August 14th and closed August 21st for 72.15% profit!
Sell to close at the market the September SPY $247 Put. If you bought $2,000 in value, then sell 6 puts for $3264 against a cost of $1896 for a gain of $1,368 or 72.15%.

These moves may not look that exciting, but when you play them correctly, you can reel in huge gains over the course of just a few days!

[Newsmax Promo Chart Page 1 Sept  247 Put]

While watching Trade #1, a quick dip opened later in the day for a second bigger money-making opportunity.

Trade #2: Opened August 14th and closed August 21 for 87.86% profit!
Sell to close at the market the September SPY $247 Put. If you bought $2,000 in value, then sell 6 puts for $3528 against a cost of $1878 for a gain of $1650 or 87.86%.

Both trades opened hours apart; both trades closed on the same day and time for monster returns!

Don’t Get Greedy…
Take Your Winning And Move On

But here’s what’s amazing . . . over the long haul, hanging on too long is the loser’s game! We like to lock in our gains and move on.

That’s the beauty of this program…it plays the odds like no other program I know!

And that’s why the average returns over the last ten years have been so astonishingly good.

SINCE WE PERFECTED THE GUSH OF INFO take a look at this track record for 2015 through today…this is what this program does!

2015…72% Winning Trade Alerts

2016…78% Winning Trade Alerts

2017…85% in Winning Trade Alerts

2018… 100% Winning Trade Alerts

This is why I urge you to not put another penny in the markets until you finish this letter . . .  and take advantage of my eye-popping offer.

Based on my 11-years of live results, it looks as if my Gold and Energy Options Trader could hand you a fortune.

Now, you’d probably like to know how the software works . . .

First, I have to admit that people a lot smarter than me came up with the foundation of my SST trading platform. By the way, SST stands for Super Sonic Trading.

The basis of the trading software is based on what’s known as “sentiment analysis.”

It was developed by researchers who used complex computer programs to mine thousands of articles and newspapers looking for specific emotional cues in the writing.

21st Century Technology Sent It Super Sonic

The internet made this easier.

The complex software would then assign a numerical ranking to determine the overall mood of the country on any topic.

By doing that, what the researchers discovered was remarkable.

They found that their numerical rankings could be used to predict future events with surprising accuracy.

For the last 15 years sentiment analysis software has been used across a wide range of applications.

For instance, University of Tennessee scientists recently used this technique to predict the revolutions in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia.

The CIA and FBI also picked up this technology and created “the dark web”, using it to snag extremists before they launch a terrorist attack.i

In fact, one study revealed it may have even been useful in helping to locate Osama Bin Laden.

But the big loud proof of sentiment analysis came in the 2016 presidential election.

Many professional polls forecasted an easy win for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The pollsters were looking at the wrong data.

Analysts monitoring major social media activity saw the outcome of the election coming months before Donald J. Trump won.

That was because on social media, a massive silent voter base that was flocking to the Republican nominee.

But, let me promise you this. The Russians had nothing to do with my software.


The Market’s Mood, Good Or Bad, Won’t Matter To You… It’s All About The Winning

When it comes to investing, sentiment analysis is now the backbone of some of the most profitable algorithmic trading strategies operating on Wall Street.

Even non-traders have been able to use this basic idea to predict stock moves.

A young scientist at Indiana University named Dr. Bollen wanted to study the effects of investor sentiment on Wall Street returns.

He analyzed thousands of internet social media posts and published a paper in titled “Twitter Mood Predicts the Stock Market.”

Amazingly, he found that he could predict the direction of the stock market up to four days in advance with an 86.7% accuracy rate.

But, by the time Dr. Bollen published his paper, my small band of Main Street traders were following the lead of my more robust and more precise sentiment analysis technology – SST platform.

They’d already made years of massive profits in the markets by following my breakthrough software that spot swings in the market where no one else could.

In its refined form, the software seems so simple.

Any time the market swings from fear to greed, a buy signal is created.

When it goes from greed to fear, a sell signal is created.

The market has always been this way.

Every Trade Has That One Moment

What it’s really looking for is one key moment in time called – the Extreme Divergence.

Basically, that’s when fear or greed have taken over the price of a stock or market despite underlying fundamentals.

When these emotions reach an extreme, the market is either overbought or oversold, and we can expect the market to snap back like a stretched rubber band.

The SST platform is designed to find these perfect trading setups and get you in and out with perfect mathematical precision.

Consider what happened with OIH.

This oil services ETF had been hammered by multiple earnings misses.

Many analysts were bashing the stocks in the ETF.

Then the 21-SST software indicated that sentiment swung way too low, so we issued a buy on the ETF.

Sure enough, the stock started bouncing back, and two weeks later we sold for a 757% return.

Only once in a lifetime, if you’re very fortunate, will you find a play such as this one on your own.

But you could spend the coming years making many trades like that thanks to my SST software and precise technology that finds the best high probability trades in the market.

Because more than just profits, they represent something essential about how I trade options . . . and the way you could start building a fortune with my Gold and Energy Options Trader service.

Yes, there are some huge winners on that list – it’s the chance at missive gains that is options trading’s allure.

But, all the successes I’ve shown you today feature moderate winners.

In other words, it’s not about going after monster trades.

Gold and Energy Options Trader is for sensible traders. It’s all about a steady stream of low-risk, satisfactory, trades, captured quickly.

That’s what makes Gold and Energy Options Trader different.

The monster wins happen naturally. But our true focus is on not losing.

I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t stress this strongly enough – the Gold and Energy Options Trader's main focus is not losing money…

Because you can’t absorb big losses.

So, Gold and Energy Options Trader operates with a single thought in mind.

It’s simply more profitable for the individual trader to focus on small, high probability trades that greatly reduce his risk . . . because losing money is the worst thing a Main Street investor can do!

The Proof Is In The Results

That’s where my trading strategy comes in.

You see, most of the sentiment trends we follow are part of bigger trends, so they’ll have hundreds of price swings—both up and down— over the next few years.

The fact is, each of these swings, however minor, can make you money… incredibly steady money – potentially $2,000 to $3,000 a month – if you have the right tools to spot them before they happened.

Also, don’t forget, when you trade with the Gold and Energy Options Trader you are only fishing in the smallest part of the vast ocean of options possibilities.

These are the specific areas where James and I are experts . . . Gold, the S&P 500 as a market, 20 Year Treasury, the VIX, and the energy sector.

You Can Turn Small Moves Into Great Money

Take a look at GLD, the gold ETF.

At one point, it experienced 41 different price swings, and each swing offered a trading opportunity.

Because my 21-SST software scours the markets for changes in sentiment, it only tracks and targets the most high-probability swing trades.

In the case of GLD, it was sitting at $142.05, and the software revealed that it was going to make a move to the upside.

There were two different ways to play this move.

The first was to buy shares in the GLD, an ETF that tracks the price of gold.

Alternatively, we could buy a call option on GLD.

GLD’s price rose $3.25 to $3.34. If you bought the ETF, you would have made 2.8% in 28 days, for an annualized return of about 34%.

But, by using the option play you would have made 42.4% in just three days.

By the way, if you could make 42% every three days, your annualized return would be around 5,040%.

Accepting Our Limitations Makes Us Powerful, Profitable, and Strong

Yes, that headline seems kind of Zen.

And, I know that trading just a few areas of expertise sounds simplistic.

But, you can’t make steady money, year after year, buy guessing.

Embracing what I know well is how I’ve racked up years of successful trading.

So, let me show you an older example with GLD.

Back in September 6, 2011, The Guardian ran the headline: “Gold Hits New Highs as Fear Stalks the Financial Markets.”

At the time, the market was on a huge roller coaster ride, with wild 500-point swings in either direction.

And, gold was relentlessly marching higher.

There was really no reason for most traders to disagree with the sentiment expressed by The Guardian.

However, if you had access to the trades generated from the SST platform, you’d have seen a different story.

The SST data suggested something was very wrong in the gold market.

The deep sentiment was going against gold and investors were slowing starting to turn sour on the yellow metal.

I sent an alert to the beta-test group of Main Streeters telling them to buy a put on the famous GLD ETF.

Sure enough, gold plunged over $200 in subsequent days. It was one of the biggest drops all year.


My Main Street traders walked away with a nice 54.87% gain in just one day.

Remember, safe, moderate, and fast is Gold and Energy Options Trader’s mission.

Here’s another quick example, take Key Energy Services (KEG), an oil service company.

For most of October and November, 2010 its stock was trading sideways.

On Nov 11, the 21-SST platform alerted me that KEG should be a “buy.”

At first there didn’t seem to be any reason why.

It was a difficult year for the company, and the energy market was still volatile.

A few weeks later I discovered the reason why. A rumor surfaced that KEG could be the target of a takeover bid by Haliburton.

My software detected a tiny change in sentiment and sure enough, the stock popped about 30%, but we made 780% in just 36 days.


That was enough for a Main Street trader to turn $5,000, on just a few options contracts, into $39,000 on just one trade.

The rare monster.

These kind of returns get my heart pumping. As a lifelong trader, I always look for ways to consistently and reliably multiply my income.

Now I’m Ready To Make You One
Helluva An Offer

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As I’ve said, over the past 10 years I’ve quietly tested this new trading technology with a select group of beta-test traders.

That may seem like a long time to you for a test.

But developing a breakthrough trading platform is like coming up with a new drug. It must be proved, tinkered with in phases.

The one lousy year I had testing the software for Main Street was the first year, 2008.

When the S&P 500 fell over 30%, my software only led to losses of -19.90% and within the 4 unit approaches only -4.98%. Become a client and we will teach you the 4 unit approach.

The best thing about 2008 is that we learned how to be prepared for future down years. So we took advantage in subsequent downturns.

This why I am so confident that the breakthrough program behind my Gold and Energy Options Trader will give you inside knowledge of what it really takes to become a million-dollar trader.

In fact, I urge you to not put another penny in the markets until you finish this letter… 

There, you will find one of the all-time great offers.

That’s because based on my 10-year testing, it looks as if my Gold and Energy Options Trader could hand you a fortune.

Gold and Energy Options Trader Is Strictly Dedicated To You Top Performance and The Market Success of a Lifetime!

One of my users told me I was the farthest thing from a rebel until he realized that no one else attacks options trading with my strategy…

I am not a rebel because my trading system makes an average of 456% a year… I am a rebel because I publicly admit to following one simple rule…

Don’t lose money!

When you join the Gold and Energy Options Trader you will only trade high probability plays.

They’ll be options plays that could deliver you 30-50% gains in a month or less, because I know we can win on high-percentage trades.

Since inception, I have made 349 trade recommendations… 277 were winners, and only 71 were losers and 1 broke even for no gain or loss.

That’s a 79.37% win rate.

When you have a track record like that, you don’t need a lot of monster winners.

In fact, as I have said, I am proud that less than 5% of my winners were greater than 100%.

Instead of hunting riskier monster wins, I racked up a long string of low-risk winners like:

Lowering Your Risk Greatly
Increases You Fortune-Building Powers

Simply put, if you’re looking for a realistic, proven way to grow a small trading account into a sizeable fortune, there’s no better way than joining the Gold and Energy Options Trader and following the lead of my breakthrough 21-SST software.

That’s because my process was first honed to serve top hedge funds and mutual funds that have billions on the line.

Now, it has been refined to serve you!

And, to prove it to you I’m making you a kick-butt offer that, to the best of my knowledge, is like no other options service has ever made!!!

For An Extremely Limited Time, Just $49 Lets You Test Drive The Gold and Energy Options Trader For 60 Days… And There’s More!

When we get out of the introductory period the annual subscription rate for the Gold and Energy Options Trader is going back to $2,100 and probably soon after that will be off the market as we want our users not to move markets.

That’s fair, because it comes to about what first month profits could be.

I also believe that $2,100 price is a reasonable barrier of entry because we’re limiting the service to 500 Main Street traders.

There’s a sound reason for limiting participation. We want to run as far under the radar as possible.

The goal is to make perfect trades – fast.

Too many traders putting their money in the same place is like shining a beacon to a trade. It alerts market makers who would then reprice the option too high.

There also another reason for the somewhat steep price.

Gold and Energy Options Trader is for traders who understand the power of options.

They know that a near 80%-win rate, with an average 30-day gain of 35%, means they’ll likely pay for the service on just three trades during their first eight weeks.

But, I want to get the ball rolling and build a subscriber base by making you the superb $49 limited time offer.

I’m looking for 275 traders who want to make real money.

But, if you’re one those first 275 people to join the Gold and Energy Options Trader not only will your first 60 days cost but $49, a $49 savings over the monthly cost for this two month trial subscription…

I will also immediately email you link that lets you download a PDF of our comprehensive options trading manual… Gold and Energy Options Trader’s Trading Manual and Quick Start Guide… it’s so chock full of tips and ideas that it  contains some secrets that even veteran may have overlooked or neglected over the years.

When you get your hands on it you’ll see why we charge $49 a month for our options recommendations monthly. Plus we’ll send you 3 additional bonuses – see below.

And to sweeten your 60-days-for-$49 deal even more… if for some reason you don’t want to convert to a full subscription at the end of 60 days, the options trading manual is yours to keep.

There’s An Introductory Offer For Your Full Annual Subscription, Too

As you can imagine, I’m certain that you’ll want to extend you subscription beyond the $49-for-60-days instruction it’s a savings of $49 off the normal two month subscription price.

That’s why I want you to have a special rate for that too.

So, unless you tell us differently, at the end of 60 days we will bill your credit card for a full year of the Gold and Energy Options Trader at the low introductory rate of $795… that’s just shy of $1,300 off what will be our regular rate.

During your first 60 days there will likely be at least 6 trades with the potential for a 79%-win rate.

That means you could pocket as much as $3,060 in that time.

This is why $49-for-60-days of the Gold and Energy Options Trader is such an extraordinary offer… and no matter what… you get to keep ALL FOUR BONUSES valued at $396 below…

Frankly, I don’t know how I could make this any better!

A Way To Make Even More Money

Any other time I believe this is the best offer you’ll get to join an options trading service that doesn’t take careless risks.

But you’re going to be one of our inaugural subscribers.

So, I want to do two more special things for you….

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